Project Work

Project WorkOne of the greatest gifts we can give children is the belief that their questions are valued, their interests are important and their passions are not only recognized but supported.

Children are born making meaning of the world around them. They have questions, ideas, thoughts and are constantly testing out their theories about how things work – they are researchers. To support children’s love of learning, adults can listen closely to what children are pondering, and support their inquiry.

Sonya assists parents in designing projects in their homes where children are involved in dynamic, meaningful investigations – and curiosity drives the learning. Sonya also works closely with schools and organizations to support curriculum design and project work development.

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From the day we are born, we begin a life long journey full of discovery. The language of wonder starts off strong in children, but frequently wanes as the years pass. One way to encourage children to hold on to their wonderment is to let them know that they are able to give shape to things, and that they are not just destined to submit to how things already are. They have the right, the power and the ability to create their lives, to take on challenges, and keep their questions alive as a source of nourishment.

Projects are experiences designed over time to explore something of interest to the children. The outcome is unknown, and this gives children the chance to determine the course of action, together with those involved in the project.

When given intriguing problems to solve (either they give them to themselves, which they do all the time, or we listen and offer them meaningful problems in alignment with who they are in that moment), children develop the ability to think creatively in generating insights and solutions.

Children are full of knowledge and have the right to express their intelligence. When we view children as highly capable, they not only learn more but grow more confident in their learning abilities. At home and school, the interests of children can be pursued to support robust learning full of enthusiasm and wonderment. Well-designed projects honor children’s intellectual and imaginative abilities.