Expressive Languages

Expressive LanguagesChildren’s greatest potential can be called forth when they are given high quality opportunities to develop and hone their skills of creative expression.

Children are born with a desire to express themselves. Our urge to understand and be understood is incredibly strong. The more possibilities we give to children to express themselves, the more expansive their opportunities become for knowing and being known.

Expressive languages include the use of materials such as: clay, paper, wire, paint, photographs, dance, music, singing, wood, recyclable materials, light, water, metal, and on and on.

Children who have time to explore these materials in both an open and structured way begin to develop a closer relationship with their properties, and become more fluent in their use of them.

Sonya works with parents and educators to introduce new materials to their children, and supports exploration of possibilities through these materials.

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Creativity is a reflection of each individual’s way of learning, which is a part of her or his unique way of being. When we can truly ‘be’ in our lives, and when our becoming is encouraged through deep listening and engagement, our creativity allows the unfolding of our potential.

To give children the space, time and tools to nurture wonderment, parents and educators can design areas dedicated to the learning and mastery of expressive ‘languages’ – ways of communicating through the use of different materials.

The more robust the environment, the fuller the possibilities there are, and the richer the communication, and ways of knowing and being known.

Believing in the “hundred languages of children” means creating the context where children can develop their relationships with materials so they can become skillful in the languages of expression.

Children are naturally compelled to get to know things as intimately as possible. Their explorations of everything around them are as mandatory as breathing. When we give them compelling materials to reach for, we not only offer them opportunity for exploration and learning in that moment, we provide ways of expressing themselves in the future.